« Tunisian Partnership with Western Europe » by Ismail Fathalli

This research paper focuses on the impact of the Tunisian economic and security partnership with Western Europe on Tunisian society. Tunisia has set for itself the ambition of achieving a high level of economic growth while pursuing human and social development. Endowed with only limited natural resources, the country has relied on its human potential and sustained social action programs. Based on a permanent search for a balance between the social and economic dimensions of development, this approach has made it possible for the country to achieve a sound economic performance and continued social progress. Seeking to take advantage from globalization as an opportunity to further develop its economy and to reinforce its competitive capacity, Tunisia has launched a comprehensive program for the upgrading of its enterprises which, by the year 2007, will have to cope with competition from European enterprises as part of the EU-Tunisian free trade zone provided for in the Association Agreement signed in 1995. That year, the European Union for the first time in its history concluded an Association Agreement with a southern Mediterranean country.

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